Comprehensive Market Study – Las Cruces, NM

The City of Las Cruces undertook a comprehensive housing market study as part of its Consolidated Plan for Housing and Community Development.  The market analysis, completed by BBC Research & Consulting, examined the affordability, availability and condition of housing in Las Cruces, particularly housing available to households earning less than 80 percent of the median income.  Housing-Solutions completed the housing condition assessments.

The Housing Authority of the City of Las Cruces (HACLC) is a key provider of housing for low-income households.  As a result, the City was examining the availability and condition of public housing units.  This analysis consisted of a review of the number and location of housing units provided by the Housing Authority within the City limits, and an assessment of the condition of those units.

The assessment included seven multi-family properties located within the City limits of Las Cruces, New Mexico, each of which is owned by the Housing Authority of the City of Las Cruces.  Together, these seven developments house 400 units, as summarized below by unit size.

Property Name 0-BR 1-BR 2-BR 3-BR 4-BR 5-BR Total
Tres Arboles 28 8 22 6 64
San Pedro Place 22 16 38
Walnut Grove 20 36 20 20 4 100
Jardines Alegres 27 16 4 47
Jardines Verdes 34 6 40
Valley Vista 12 22 13 10 4 61
Montana Senior Village 12 37 1 50
Total 49 138 113 56 36 8 400


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