Feasability and Needs Assessment – Taft Court, Belding, MI

The Belding Housing Commission (BHC) is a small agency within a rural community just outside of Grand Rapids. Their proximity to this major urban center has created pressure upon the community to evolve into a bedroom community for the young executives and higher paid hourly worker in the Grand Rapids industrial base.

BHC recognized the impact of this market trend and has targeted their oldest and most troublesome development for transition to a more appropriate use with the desired outcome to be an increase in affordable housing.

Colden & Associates was retained to conduct a feasibility and needs assessment of Taft Court and provide a way of realizing the opportunities.  In completing this assignment Colden & Assoicates performed a Needs Assessment that identified the long-term life-cycle costs of maintaining the property as public housing,  assessed the market potential of Taft Court, evaluated housing market dynamics, and completed reconnaissance of the business environment in Belding with a particular eye to those attending to housing needs of households below median income.

Colden & Associates produced reports summarizing BHC’s asset and options, and will assist with developing a Comprehensive Strategic Plan that will meet BHC’s objectives while responding to shifts in market needs.

Year: 2003
Contributor: Damian Colden
Client: Belding Housing Commission

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