Tennessee Housing Development Corporation

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Jackson Housing Authority (JHA) is the key affordable housing provider in Jackson, a community of nearly 70,000 between Memphis and Nashville, TN.  In the early 2000s, JHA retained the services of H-S firms Mobley & Associates, and Capital Needs Unlimited, to assist in transforming the JHA portfolio in type, size and affordability, as it entered the 21st century. JHA created a 501c3 non-profit development instrumentality — Tennessee Housing Development Corporation (THDC).  Using a broad range of financial and operational strategies (including Low-Income Housing Tax Credits, Project-Based Vouchers, CFFP, and RAD), THDC developed 6 properties, some new construction and some rehab.  Properties in the THDC portfolio include acquisitions from private owners and from JHA. JHA continues to operate 7 other PHA developments, looking to continue the transformation process.

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Year: 2002 to present
Contributor:  Dennis Mobley and Tom Nutt-Powell
Client: JHA/THDC

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