Feasibility Assessments, Indianapolis Housing Authority

The Indianapolis Housing Agency (IHA) owns and operates 14 developments with 2,100± units.  It also administers about 1500± Section 8 certificates.  Downtown Indianapolis has experienced tremendous growth within the last ten years.  A few years ago, Indianapolis’ downtown practically closed up at the end of the workday.  But civic leaders and private developers joined together... Continue Reading →


Feasability and Needs Assessment – Taft Court, Belding, MI

The Belding Housing Commission (BHC) is a small agency within a rural community just outside of Grand Rapids. Their proximity to this major urban center has created pressure upon the community to evolve into a bedroom community for the young executives and higher paid hourly worker in the Grand Rapids industrial base. BHC recognized the... Continue Reading →

Comprehensive Market Study – Las Cruces, NM

The City of Las Cruces undertook a comprehensive housing market study as part of its Consolidated Plan for Housing and Community Development.  The market analysis, completed by BBC Research & Consulting, examined the affordability, availability and condition of housing in Las Cruces, particularly housing available to households earning less than 80 percent of the median... Continue Reading →

Herman Gardens Revitalization

Herman Gardens contained 1573 residential units in 168 buildings on a 160-acre site. Detroit's history included population declines; downward shifts in socioeconomic indices, economic instability for major industries; and consequent decline in investment in all sectors. The housing market was extremely depressed. Herman Gardens was previously awarded HUD grants for nearly $28 million through the... Continue Reading →

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