Dennis R. Mobley, CMM

Areas of Expertise

HOPE VI Planning and Implementation
Asset Management
Family Self-Sufficiency Program
Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program
Comprehensive Grant Program (CGP)
Section 8 Rental Certificate and Rental Voucher Programs
Section 504 (National Rehabilitation Act), ADA, and Fair Housing Requirements
Consolidated Plan/Comprehensive Housing Affordability Strategy

Summary of Qualifications and Expertise

This is Mr. Mobley’s twenty-sixth year in the public housing field. From 1972 to 1984 he held a number of positions on the staff of a major East Coast public housing agency(PHA) which currently has an inventory of over 16,000 dwelling units. From 1984 to the present he has functioned as a public housing consultant and trainer. In this arena, his clients include PHAs ranging from 500 to approximately 60,000 units, in basic areas of management practice including occupancy, rent collection, vacancy management, maintenance,modernization, security, accounting, and administration. As an independent contractor since 1990, he has rendered professional services to PHAs
including both training and on-site technical assistance, and has become a significant supplier of planning-oriented public housing computer software.

Mr. Mobley typically serves as a team resource person for public housing-related
regulations and requirements, and maintains both CD- and paper-based libraries of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). He is well-versed in a number of HUD handbooks and guidebooks, and has numerous HUD contacts at Headquarters and field.

Having served as the lead management agent for privately-owned assisted housing in the Southeast for five (5) years, Mr. Mobley understands both private sector, market-driven asset management approaches as well as current public housing methodologies, and often serves as a “translator” where privatization or the use of private sector techniques is being considered.

Mobley & Associates was recently selected by HUD to deliver occupancy training
focusing on screening, lease enforcement, fair housing (with emphasis on persons with disabilities) and Designated Housing. The firm also has a long-time relationship with the National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials (NAHRO), and develops and/or delivers training programs on their behalf in a number of areas including modernization, PHMAP, and Section 8. In 1995, Mobley & Associates began developing proprietary spreadsheet-based software, which NAHRO markets nationally. Hundreds of PHAs now use tools such as Budget Assistant and CGP Manager in managing the present and in planning for the future.


Bachelor of Arts (Government & Politics), University of Maryland at College Park,

Master of Community Planning, University of Maryland at Baltimore, 1976.

Professional Certifications

Certified Manager of Housing (CMH)
Certified Manager of Maintenance (CMM)
Certified Occupancy Specialist (COS)


National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials (NAHRO)


  • “From Test-tube to Production – Measuring Management Performance”, National Center for Housing Management (NCHM), Washington, DC, 1985.
  • Public Housing Manager Resource Manual, NAHRO, Washington, DC, 1992 (served as chief editor).
  • Public Housing and Section 8 Occupancy Resource Manual, NAHRO, Washington, DC, 1992 (served as chief editor).
  • Mr. Mobley assisted NAHRO in editing several additional professional development manuals, wrote a NAHRO technical bulletin on HUD’s “PHMAP” program, and recently authored comprehensive training manuals in the areas of CIAP, CGP, and Section 8 Existing Housing budgeting.
  • Mobley & Associates helped write the handbook which management personnel use in connection with the operation of multifamily housing under the former Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC) Affordable Housing Disposition Program (AHDP), e.g. Owners’ Compliance Manual, RTC, Washington, DC, 1992.
  • Financial Management and Accounting Guide, Neighborhood Reinvestment
    Corporation, Washington, DC, 1994.


Hope VI Planning and Implementation

Mobley & Associates participated in “real time/real size” HOPE VI planning for
Parkside Homes in Detroit. The firm’s focus has been on asset management (see
below), HUD waiver preparation, and operating budget forecasting. Subsequently, the
team was selected to provide follow-on implementation assistance in the disciplines
described above, as well as in property inspections, maintenance planning, and site-based budgeting and purchasing. Mr. Mobley participated in the selection of a tax credit partner who will bring equity to a PHA-controlled subsidiary which will own Parkside. The outside partner will also serve as management agent, and Mobley & Associates will be involved in evaluating the agent’s performance on an ongoing basis using its proprietary “Annual Management Review” format, which, unlike PHMAP, requires a High Performer ranking (in order for the agent to remain under contract.)

Asset Management

Mr. Mobley has previously provided televised training in Asset Management (a.k.a.
project-based or site-based management) on the Housing Television Network (HTVN)
in conjunction with NAHRO, and has also lectured on the subject at NAHRO
conferences. (See the attached “Asset Management and the Changing Finance
Environment”, co-published with Capital Needs Unlimited). Mobley & Associates will
soon develop and deliver additional Asset Management training for NAHRO. It should
be noted that Mr. Mobley draws upon his previous experience as a private-sector
management agent in this regard.

Family Self-sufficiency

Mobley & Associates was selected by NAHRO to develop a series of training sessions
in conjunction with HUD Headquarters when FSS was first announced. This provided
the opportunity to interface with dozens of experts from around the Nation regarding the design and implementation of FSS programs. In 1992, the firm teamed with the Housing Authority of the City of Easton, Pennsylvania in writing the top-ranked application in the national competition under the joint HUD/HHS Economic Empowerment
Demonstration Program (EEDP) which contained many similarities to FSS, and in
implementing the program in Easton over an eighteen-month period.

Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program

Mobley & Associates has been an integral part of the Parkside (Detroit) tax credit
initiative, which will likely result in leveraging of HOPE VI dollars with tax credits equal to more than 50› on the dollar. The Parkside effort is significant nationally in that it represents a prototype approach wherein all dwelling units on the site are publicly-controlled, through the creation of a PHA-dominated subsidiary which joins with a private entity in the formation of a limited-liability corporation (LLC). Under this model, both the public and private sectors serve as managing members of the LLC (the former as Development Managing Member, the latter as Management Managing Member).

Comprehensive Grant Program (CGP)

NAHRO selected Mr. Mobley to author its CGP Resource Manual and to develop its
three-day CGP training course when CGP began in 1992. Since that time, he has also
served as the lead trainer, and has kept the course up-to-date as fundamental changes, including “full fungibility”, have been introduced from time to time. He has assisted a number of PHAs in preparing Annual Statements, Comprehensive Plans, and/or Performance and Evaluation (P & E) reports, and in closing out old modernization programs. In this regard, he often uses his proprietary CGP Manager software marketed by NAHRO. In 1997, he joined with Colden & Associates in offering an expanded version of the software, known as CGP Gold , which serves as a contract
register and payment log as well as an Annual Statement/P & E Report.

Section 8 Rental Certificate and Rental Voucher Programs

NAHRO engaged Mobley & Associates to develop its one-day Section 8 Budgeting
course (part of NAHRO’s five-day Section 8 Series) focusing on Section 8 Existing
Housing. This led to the creation of Mobley’s proprietary Section 8 Manager software
also marketed nationally by NAHRO. As a former management agent, Mr. Mobley also
became well-versed in project-based Section 8 programs, and has performed
management analyses of Section 8 Existing programs over the years.

Section 504 (National Rehabilitation Act), ADA and Fair Housing

Mr. Mobley was selected by HUD to be part of a cadre of trainers who together delivered some twenty (20) sessions around the country devoted to Fair Housing and related issues including screening, lease enforcement, and Designated Housing. In this regard, each trainer had to develop an excellent working knowledge of relevant regulations including how the Section 504 regulations and Fair Housing Amendments apply to PHAs with regard to admissions and occupancy and the limited scope of ADA for PHAs. Mr. Mobley assisted with the delivery of sessions in Boston, Minneapolis, Atlanta, and Washington, D. C.

Consolidated Plan/comprehensive Housing Affordability Strategy (CHAS)

Although CGP has required, for a number of years, that PHA modernization plans to be
consistent with the “CHAS” component of a locality’s Consolidated Plan, Mobley &
Associates believes that both CGP and HOPE VI plans can and must be more vigorously
coordinated with the planning efforts of the locality. Our experience in Springfield, Illinois (John Hay Homes HOPE VI) demonstrated the capability of URD to be a powerful element in a genuine community-wide revitalization effort focusing on existing neighborhoods as well as the targeted HOPE VI site. The planning credentials of Mobley & Associates and other team members positions us to interface effectively with local planning officials in ensuring that CGP and/or HOPE VI initiatives truly support the goals of the local “CHAS”.